Displacement of the nervous system through articular movement by ultrasound. Bibliographic review


The nervous system has the capacity to adapt to the mechanical forces of tension, compression and shearing to which it is exposed in daily movements. Reduction of nerve slide may alter its function by increasing neural tension, which may have an adverse effect, contributing to the onset of pain. The objective of the study was to review the current literature regarding the movement of the nervous system and how to measure it. To do this, a search was undertaken in Pubmed and PEDro of articles where neural displacement is measured by the “frame-by-frame cross correlation system” technique. Twenty studies were selected: 14 measured displacement in healthy subjects, and 6 compared some form of peripheral neuropathy. The results show that the peripheral nervous system is displaced during the different movements of body segments to adapt to the space through which it runs, although there is no significant difference in displacement between healthy people and patients with nerve involvement.

Autores: Carle Munné, Carles Pedret.

Revista: Apunts. Medicina de l’esport

Año de publicación: 2018